We're a student team at the University of Technology Eindhoven, working on a solution for renewable energy.

Founded in June 2019 with only a few members, we have expanded the team's size to 20 students from 5 different majors. From the very beginning, our goal was to research and develop a generator that can harvest electrical energy from small moments of friction, such as driving of cars on the roads, dancing in a club, or even cycling. At NANO we believe in a sustainable future, and our dream is to help move us one step closer towards it.

How it works

The plates are separated. No charges are flowing, so no electricity is being generated.

When the plates are pressed together, the materials exchange charges.

When the plates are separated again, the electrons flow back to their original position. Because there is no contact, they flow through the wire, creating electricity.

The plates are fully in contact, and all the charges have moved.

NANO's core values



Only a small amount of nanoparticles is needed to get a highly efficient product. Therefore despite their higher cost, we can ensure an overall low cost.



Our product harvests otherwise wasted energy. Besides that, we strive to make a high-quality product, with a long lifespan. This way, there will be even less material waste in the long term.



Our product is versatile and scalable, it can be used in a wide variety of applications, from footpaths to office buildings to roads. This technology could even be employed in medical applications.

Our Partners

Join us

We are currently looking for passionate electrical engineers, as well as students interested in the marketing and business side of the team. 

If you feel like you would fit in well with a motivated, results-oriented student team, please contact us at teamnano@tue.nl.